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About us

  • think process!

Since 1879, companies of the WP BAKERYGROUP have had a
major influence in the development of bakery technology. Today
they cover the complete process chain from dough production to
the forwarding of packing lines.

The additionally offer services such as engineering, complete solutions for different retail environments or integrated energy management for bakeries.

  • A group of specialists

Under the roof of the competence brand W&P, ten companies with
more than 20 international representations from the WP

Many of the subsidiaries are market leaders in their area for more
than a century. Due to its specialization, the group has several
areas of competence, such as for bread, rolls and ovens.
Traditionally, every subsidiary has its own focus.


Products and services

„think process“

consequent though of the process

Highest quality in the baking process comes from the perfect
process chain. With its  “think process” strategy, the WP
BAKERYGROUP pursuits this goal. With the competence of the
individual subsidiaries, all steps in the bakery production can be
implemented. The work flow through all production steps can be
connected. The result is a technique which suits perfectly

for  artisan bakers as well as for industrial bakeries. The consequent  though in processes during the group leads to joint innovations,  such as the WP hygiene concept CleanTec or the standardized  control philosophy SmartControl.

Pushed by the cooperation of  individual components, new fields of operation are established,  such as the new energy provider WP Green or WP Food, the product segment for new impulses in front baking.


think process!



MATADOR® – truly multi talented

Confidence and reliability
Every MATADOR® has been built to meet one clearly defined requirement: To deliver extremely consistent and reproducible baking results – over many decades, of course! The total number of benefits leaves no doubt as to what this deck oven is really about – a truly multi talented MATADOR®.



The Spiral Mixer

The KRONOS is a robust, reliable mixer with wheel-out bowls. KRONOS Pro can be easily adjusted to the individual needs of the customer through different available options - either as a stand-alone mixer or in a mixing system.

Dough dividing machine B 600

Dough dividing machine B 600

Industrial Dough Divider

Industrial heavy duty dough divider for the use in automatic- or semi-automatic bread production lines. The divider can be used for wheat and rye dough’s and all common type of dough’s that are processed in automatic- or semi-automatic bread production lines.
The divider can be integrated in nearly all existing situations because of a very compact design and therefore reduced out-side dimensions.

News & Innovations

Quick and gentle loading 

Dough with a very long dough rest is the trend, because it guarantees tasty, well digestible baked goods. The HK 100 tipping lifter facilitates the bakers’ work when producing these goods. It automatically lifts up to 60 kg of dough directly out of the dough rest box, and tips it into the ...| » Further reading 

Gluten free bread grow in popularity 

Recent years, gluten free bread is in the spotlight. On the one hand there is more demand, secondly the production of these type of breads, comes more and more in the hands of automated bakeries. WP Haton offers a wide range of machines for the production of various types of gluten free breads ...| » Further reading 

New WP heat recovery system 

The industrial baking process requires hundreds of kilowatts of energy. Large-scale bakeries can significantly reduce this enormous consumption with the new WP Industrial Baking heat recovery system. It saves operating costs and is environmentally-friendly. The trade fair visitors showed great i...| » Further reading 


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